Modafinil 100mg
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Modafinil 100mg

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Modafinil 100mg

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Drug Information

Modafinil is an FDA approved generic drug and is available in multiple dosages. For all those suffering from sleep disorders and Narcolepsy, Modafinil is a boon. It is very efficient in regulating daytime wakefulness and in sleeping disorders due to shift in sleep hours and pattern.  It helps in irregular or sleepiness in adults. However, it should be noted that Modafinil does not reduce stress or helps in reducing tiredness. It just regulates your sleep patterns and hence shouldn’t be used as a substitute for sleeping or holding sleep.

Though the proper functioning of Modafinil in the human body is not known for sure, it can be said that it affects certain brain functions to control our sleep pattern. Buy Modafinil 100mg online requires a great deal of research on the product for benefits and the possible side-effects.

Usage and Dosage

Modafinil should be taken after a scheduled diagnosis and a proper prescription from a certified practitioner. Depending on the sleep condition you are taking the medication for the practitioner may prescribe one dosage in the morning before or after food or the total daily dosage might be split to two or more dosages to be taken during the course of the day. Buyers are cautioned to reads the prescription and usage guide before medicating to avoid side effects.

Side effects

Almost all medications come with possible side effects which are usually treatable or avoidable through a proper awareness and medical supervision. Most of these side-effects stay for a brief duration and are bound to subside after the initial few doses, it is advised that the user keep a check on irregular pattern or severe allergic reactions and consult a doctor immediately. These are the possible side-effects observed through Modafinil usage.

  • Dizziness, Body pain, nausea and vomiting sensation, stomach disturbances, nasal blockage.
  • Slight to severe skin rash, blisters near the mouth region, skin yellowing or peeling of skin might happen and needs an immediate doctor consult
  • Some people may show signs of anxiety, depression or mood swings, irregular cardiac rhythm and chest pain. These are uncommon but require medical consult on an immediate basis.

Areas of Caution

  • Ensure that the dosage never exceeds the prescribed limit.
  • It has to be always kept in mind that this medicine can’t cure your sleeping disorders.
  • It is always important that we maintain caution while medicating. Self-medicating is never safe.
  • Pregnant or breast feeding mothers should refrain from using this medicine without a proper diagnosis and prescription.
  • It has been noted that hormonal doses and birth control pills are rendered ineffective when used along with this medicine.
  • Older patients are more prone to the allergic reactions and must be regularly checked and monitored. A follow up session is also mandatory.

XPressPillStore has all the dosages available and amount of tablets in a consignment to suit your needs.

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