Cancellation Policy

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Cancellation Policy

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Cancellation Policy

XPressPillStore.Com makes happy to all their customers and fulfil their orders processing till the delivery. However, sometimes possibility of order cancellation may be happen and order is cancelled. Reason would be any wrong personal information, city, state and postal code is different than the actual ones or due to stock issue, company also cancel your order. Chance of payment transaction failure after the order placement and less payment than the actual values may be the reason for order cancellation.

XPressPillStore.Com have company policy to inform their customers about the order cancellation or part of shipment may be cancelled or in other form it may be supplied in two parts. However, in case of your cancellation happens after the successful payment is processed, a complete refund of your order will be refunded in 7-10 days via direct bank transfer (DBT) or by any other channel.

Order Cancellation Request

In case customer want to cancel his/her order, please contact our Customer Support at our Toll Free No. or at our email as direct message in 24-48 hours. Once an order has been shipped from our end, than we are no longer able to cancel your order. Customer Order is immediate processing within 48 hours so you have 2 days’ time to contact for the cancellation request to us immediately.

Total Refunds for Cancelled Orders

Customer orders refund money will process in 10 days maximum time for a credit card or an electronic/digital payments. May be some time refund takes time due to processing at the bank general formalities while transferring the funds. Customer payment refunds for e-check or money order payments will be sent only to the listed and registered billing address on the order details with us.

XPressPillStore.Com is not actually responsible for delay in refund due to any kind from the bank side or the customer’s foreign bank account.

Need Assistance ?

In case, if you have any query or questions about any kind of order cancellation policy or terms. Then please direct message at our Customer Support Email: XPressPillStore@Gmail.Com or Call us at our Toll Free No. +1-(201) 855-5350