Forzest 20mg

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Forzest 20mg

Forzest 20mg

  • Improves quality of life
  • Best Treatment of Male Impotency
  • Reduces progression of men’s erectile dysfunction


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Drug Information

Forzest assists in the treatment of male impotence. It belongs to the PDE-5 inhibitors medicinal family. This particular drug is known by the name of Forzest 20mg. Generic drug name is Tadalafil. As mentioned it is used in the case of men who have issues with erection attainment and sustenance, viz. they have erectile dysfunction. Each tablet contains 20mg of Tadalafil.

Usage and Dosage

Forzest is used when a man is unable to attain an erection in his penis and even if does manage to do so, is unable to sustain it. Thanks to Forzest, there is enough blood flow taking place to the penis whereby an erection is attained with ease, which can also be sustained very well. Further, just like in the case of normal sexual intercourse, once the action is complete, the erection subsides.

It would be perfunctory to mention though that Forzest does not work as any kind of an aphrodisiac nor is it some hormone. The ideal Forzest dosage in adult men is only 10mg since this is adequate to achieve and sustain an erection, sometimes even up to 36 hours. Because of this possibly elongated duration, it is always advised to proceed gradually if dosage is to be increased. So the results on taking 10mg should be observed and only if there is still a challenge in attaining an erection or sustaining it should there be a progression to 20mg.

Remember the medication should be taken only once a day. Also, it really should not be taken every day, but only the days when sex is intended, taking gaps in between even if sex is being practiced daily.

Potential Side Effects

Tadalafil can cause some side effects, especially if taken in higher doses. These include an upset stomach, a flushed face, or just headache (which can even be severe). In rare instances, side effects would include visionary issues such as issues with recognizing colors or being overly sensitive to light.

Then there are other instances when an erection can last really long, much more than 4 hours.

In all such instances, a doctor’s advice should be sought without delay.

Major issues like heart attacks or strokes are very rare with Tadalafil but if and when they occur, they do so when the patient in question already has underlying heart conditions. That is the reason it is best to have a thorough checkup done prior to ingesting Tadalafil. It is also just as important to let your doctor know about such conditions. If you are aware of them, if you are still intending to go ahead with your Tadalafil ingesting plans.

Area of Cautions

These same dosage recommendations hold true for elderly men as well.

  • In case of mild renal problems, the same dosage holds true as mentioned above. But in case of moderate renal problems, the dosage should be limited to 5mg if taken daily and 10mg once every 48 hours. If renal problems are severe or critical, then only 5mg should be taken and not more.
  • In case there is mild or even moderate hepatic impairment, maximum recommended Forzest dosage is 10mg. If hepatic impairment is severe, then Forzest ingestion is not recommended at all.
  • In case of diabetes, there is no need for a change in dosage among those with diabetes.
  • In case below the age of 18 should not be taking Forzest. They should ideally not have any need for such medication in the first place.
  • In case those just above this age face issues with attaining and sustaining an erection, they should ideally consult a doctor about the problem rather than resorting to taking such medications. After all, it is really not a normal situation. Pre-existing conditions when Forzest should be avoided.

If you are taking any nitrate based medications (which are usually taken due to heart conditions). Forzest tends to react with nitrates and cause a variety of complications so it is best avoided. If you are aware of heart problems such as a previous heart attack, a stroke, chest pain, etc.

In case of stomach ulcers, do avoid Forzest.

  • Low or uncontrollable / unmanaged blood pressure.
  • A deformed penis such as in the case of Peyronie’s disease.
  • Blood problems be it leukemia or anemia.
  • Allergic to Tadalafil.
  • Eye diseases like retinitis pigmentosa.
  • Severe kidney or liver problems.

Finally, remember that side effects could very well include ones beyond those listed here.

So in case of any uneasiness, remember to consult your doctor immediately.

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