Fildena 100mg
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Fildena 100mg

Fildena 100mg

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Drug and Its Action Mechanism

Fildena 100mg is one of the leading generic forms of sildenafil citrate 100mg and sildenafil citrate is one of the highly active ingredients used for the treatment of ED (erectile dysfunction) into males. Men Impotency is the major issue as males are not able to get harder erection and feel embarrassed to his partner in bed. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approves this medication for males. Most of the relation goes to ruin by this issue.

Fildena 100mg is the high quality form of generic viagra and fully effective as sildenafil is the primary active ingredient in it. Once you take this Fildena tablet orally than sildenafil comes into the action as completely dissolved into the blood stream within 45 minutes. Active Sildenafil 100mg inhibit the Phosphodiesterase (PDE5) enzyme resides into the penis region. It relaxes the penis muscle and so that blood vessels get widen and result more flood flow in the penis blood vessels and men got prolonged period to complete their sexual intercourse and its effects is 5-6 hours easily and men get hard reaction. Fildena is the best way to get treated from ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and men impotency.

Usage and Dosage

Fildena 100mg is composed for the treatment of male impotency and erectile dysfunction. AuroChem laboratories and XPressPillStore provide you the same supplies from the AuroChem labs. (WHP-GMP) World Health Organization – Good Manufacturing Process approved this medication and confirms the high quality effects to the men for the treatment of ED and Impotency problems. Senior age people and young age people who are actually facing the drinking, alcohol and excessive low metabolism, bad health, excessive masturbation and other severe health issues leads these erectile dysfunction problems.

You can easily take a pill with just one glass of plain water before 45 minutes of sexual intercourse with your partner. Men should be sexually aroused properly before get intimate with your partner so that Fildena get comes into the fully action. Never take this tablet with the alcohol and grapefruit juice as it did fewer effects and side effects can be possible. Take at least 14 hours of time gap between the two pills and never do the over dosage. Always preferable to consult your doctor or health care professional before start any course of medication. Medical history is important for the customers to start of any other medication. Never judges from your own about start of medication and never recommend to someone else to take it without knowing their personal medical reports.

Side Effects, Warnings and Precautions

Some of the common side effects that people get reported are blurred vision as the change of color perception, facial flushing, headache, palpitations, allergy and rashes on body, indigestion, diarrhea and the congestion. Some of the health warning for the people before usage of this medication are liver and kidney infected person are strongly avoid this medication, avoid alcohol and grape fruits juice with this medication. Children should be stay away from this drug, never take high fatty acid meals in case you are going to take this Fildena 100mg. You can take this medication light with or without food It helps you lot.

This Fildena tablet is not meant for the women so women should avoid this pill. In case of over dosage, don’t panic go immediate to your doctor and tells the thing you do and follow the instruction as per the suggestion to you. Keep this generic drugs in a cool and dry place. Avoid Fildena 100mg from direct light and heat.


Variety of online web pharmacies offer this ED (Erectile Dysfunction) medication on sale at very cheap and low price comparable to other but always trust the generic medicine as XPressPillStore provides the high quality FDA approved with 25% less price com parables to any medication. Also offers the free shipping to U.S customer when they are placing an order US$199 or more with COD (Check on Delivery) payment options at their doorsteps. We do the fast and free shipping within 10-12 days. Fildena 100 comes in tablet form and can take orally with water. Never break, Crush or Chew the tablet. Always swallow the whole tablet in one go for full benefits. We also increase our services day by day. You can also place the bulk order to us in case of quantity not present on website. Fill the contact form and tell us your requirement, we reach to you via email to call to you within 24 hours.

XPressPillStore are here only for the product information and not diagnosis anybody. So consult your doctor first, before the start of this medication about its side effects, over dosage, manufacturers and reviews. All our products are safe, secure and well tested. So Place your order to get full benefits of our services to achieve your great happy life.

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