Due to certain changes into the DNA inside the normal bladder cells can goes to abnormal growth and new production of cancer. Bladder Cancer symptoms starts from lower back pain to blood into the urine.

Understand Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer starts into the human bladder and it is in balloon shaped organ into the pelvic area where human urine stored. Bladder Cancer presents into the inner lining of the bladder where most of cells there. This type of cancer can occur to any age of person, usually affects old age adults.

Generally, Bladder Cancer detects at an early stage of its, means when possibility of life threatening is very less and to cure is easily possible. But chance of again happening is also possible. So those who survive from this cancer, they have to go undergo treatment at every interval of time to check its recurrence.

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Symptoms of Bladder Cancer

Due to Blood coming from the urine it is detectable at an early stage and other urinary test will also shows the symptoms and make confirm about the bladder cancer.

Generally, Hematuria is the first symptom of bladder cancer and early stage urine color changes to orange, pink and darker red as amount of blood quantity is large.

Sometimes one day blood is in heavy amount and absents on the second day as urine clear it take week or month and if bladder cancer patients confirmed the same then on due course it comes till the treatment. Some symptoms that come in urine are:

– Frequent Urination.

– Feet swelling

– Bones pain

– Tiredness in body

– Lower back pain

– Unable to urinate sometimes

– Low digestion and weight loss

– During Urination pain and burning feels.

– Urge develops to urination even not coming.

– Feeling trouble at urination or weak urine streams.

Once you find these types of symptoms immediate go for the doctors and follow the treatment as doctors advised to you.

Treatment of Bladder Cancer

Treatment Course totally depends upon the bladder cancer stage on which patient suffers and all comes after the medical reports.


Most common bladder cancer treatment and available for any stage of the cancer. TUR (Transurethral Resection) is a treatment in which cutting tool in inserted into the human bladder called resectoscope can be used to remove small tumors and abnormal tissues and burn away other cancer cells. It is used in stage 0 and 1 of bladder cancer.

Some other is also used as Partial Cystectomy, it can remove the partial bladder and Radical Cystectomy used to remove complete bladder.


Drugs are basically used to kill cancer cells and or minimize the tumors so that it can leads to less invasive surgery and person can takes this drugs orally. Chemotherapy works in series action as body has to rest of first course of treatment for recovery.

Some side effects of chemotherapy are fatigue, constipation, increased bleeding, infection, low appetite, hair loss, mouth sores, nausea or vomiting.

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Radiation Therapy

It is less used and works parallel with the chemotherapy and it kills cancer cells where the most infection occurs near the wall of bladder and it performs on patients who don’t go for surgery.

Side effects are the same as of chemotherapy.

Biological Therapy

If Bladder cancer is detect at an early stage then doctors performs this therapy by making the immune system strong. Most prefer common form is BCG (Bacillus Calmette-Guerin Therapy). It is 6 week treatment and gives once in every week to the patients and symptoms are manageable.

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